The following are comics featuring characters from the NHD. Check them out!
The characters who appear in each comic are depicted below them.


The Return of Gaia Force #1

New Heroes Comics

Characters featured: Q`Aestor  silverlance  Geomass  Meridian    the guardian  

Guardians of Creation #1

IronGate Comics 


Characters featured:  Rift Walker  Firedemon  killer wail  American Justice  Eye of Justice  Hott Plate  Psykinetic  Ro-Bowtix  Pthirus  poison arrow  Jolly Roger  Preyin Mantis  Fool`s Parsley  Mr Okada  

                                 Badz  stool pigeon  Cassandra Storm  War Patriot  Thor`s Assassin  Kilspyke  La Guillotine  Lordra the Good  Avenging Rainbow  Darqueen  Allastor  Feral Kat  

All Winners Society #1

IronGate Comics


Characters featured: Dr Frost  Doctor Spectral  Silver Ghost  Radium Ray  Minute Girl  Macabre Hombre  Jolly Roger  Mr Okada  Poker Queen  Lord Eshu  poison arrow  stool pigeon  statik  Carrie A Gunn  Maiden Japan

                                Maiden USA  Texas two gunn  Leading Man  Doc Eclipse  Philly Blunt  Forcible  Blaque Onyx  Lumberjax  Nyte Fyter  Shadow Hero  Grey Fox  Preyin Mantis  

Kestrel #0.1

Infernox Comics

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Characters featured: Kestrel  

Necron: The Dark Ninja

LTK Comics


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Characters featured:  Dark Ninja  Frost  Kara Jones  Mothgirl  grimskull  


LTK Comics

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Characters featured: Frost  


Egocentric Comics


Characters featured: Fight Knight  



Egocentric Comics / Advent Comics


Characters featured: Hero Complex Kid  Irony  

Committee of Heroes

Egocentric Comics

Characters featured: Hero Complex Kid  American Way  Irony  nostalgia  Weekend Warrior  

Global Defense Force #1

Inkremental Studios


Characters featured: Manchine  Animal Teen  sonic soldier  white knight  Siege